Oxford Musings

On my first day in Oxford, I took myself to this cute little Scriptum store down the street. They sell real leather journals and dipping pens and all sorts of neat old things you might find in your great-grandfather’s attic. I was thrilled with the place when I came back in March, and promised myself I would go back as soon as I got here to get myself a real leather journal engraved with my dates of study, and write in it every day, and be all inspired and stuff.

Well times are changing, and that pesky little thing called the Internet makes writing in a journal less than satisfying when there are so many people with whom I want to share what I am doing and seeing.

I started with emails, but figured a blog might be easier for people to keep up with at their own pace. And of course, if nobody read it, it could just be for my own enjoyment at the end of the day. I am also finding that after notes and lectures and such, and the pace at which my days go, it will be easier to keep up with things if I can type, versus write.

I hope all of my friends and family who read this page will enjoy!


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