A reflection of the past, a vision of the future, and the real me tucked safely in between. Read. Then read between the lines. Then judge for yourselves.

I live in Florida. I used to like it, until I decided I was unhappy in the here and now. My goal is to learn to appreciate the good and necessary in the here and now, and accept all it has to offer.

I have let myself get bogged down by what I think I’m missing, or failing to do, or not doing right. I want to focus on all the good things I accomplish, all the experiences I do have, and all that I gain from them.

I feel we live in a world where we are constantly evaluating ourselves by how much stuff we have, and where our memories and our emotions are tied to objects, and not people. I’d like to go back to that simpler time when it wasn’t about what, but about whom.

Technology can be a good thing. So can progress. But once upon a time it was mankind and the great outdoors, and no matter how far we progress, at the end of the day running barefoot through a field of grass is really what it should be about.


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